My morning routine: Profile on Natalie Fornasier

As summer approaches, it’s increasingly important that we keep ourselves and our families sun-safe while enjoying everything the Australian outdoors has to offer. Along with our round-up of our favourite sustainable sunscreen brands, we reached out to a leading voice on sun safety: freelance writer, creator and advocate for skin safety Natalie Fornasier. Currently living with stage IV cancer, Natalie is passionate about using her voice to destigmatise cancer and spread awareness about safe, holistic skincare. Natalie shared with us how she starts her days (her skincare routine is in there, and includes SPF – naturally).


Ritual one:

Filling in my gratitude journal. It’s important to me to start the day with gratefulness, even if I don’t feel like it. Being grateful makes you humble, kind and puts the world into perspective.

Ritual two:

My morning skincare. It’s an absolute MUST for me. I like to take care of my skin, especially now that I’m on the wrong side of 25. I feel true ready for the day once I’ve gone through the motions, it’s a beautiful labour of love – at the moment there’s a lot of steps as I have the time! And I always, ALWAYS finish it with SPF.

Ritual three:

A cuddle from my partner! I think touch is a very special, underrated element of our lives. It’s something we don’t often think about but having that ability to feel through touch is poetic. My mornings don’t feel right without a morning cuddle. When I often feel like I’m floating above the clouds, in an alternate realm due to my worries, touch is what often brings me back down. Given my life circumstances, it’s very important for me to be grounded at all times and just feeling my partner’s skin against mine or hearing his heart beat does wonders for my anxiety.


To learn more about Natalie, follow her on Instagram @nataliefornasier

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