My morning routine: Profile on Marlee Silva

Marlee Silva is the force behind Tiddas 4 Tiddas, the podcast and social media movement elevating the voices of Indigenous women. An Aboriginal woman from the Gamilaroi and Dunghutti nations, Marlee uses her voice to share the stories of her Indigenous sisters. As well as having written her own book My Tidda My Sister, Marlee has written the foreword to arguably the most highly anticipated city guide of 2020 (Places We Swim Sydney), and along with her sister Keely, Marlee was a finalist for the 2019 Human Rights Awards – all this by the age of 25.

Marlee has a way with words and stories, so we reached out to learn how she kickstarts her (clearly extremely productive) days.

Ritual 1:

I wake up nearly every morning with some storytelling. I don’t remember when it started – I assume one winter day a year or so ago when my morning alarm sounded particularly painful – but I’ve found the best way to cushion the blow of early starts is by immediately pressing play on one of the many daily podcasts I subscribe to. Whether it be about some global news, some true crime or the fun and mundane stories from the hosts personal life, a podcaster’s storytelling is my favourite sound to ease into the day.

Ritual 2:

Then I move my body. Exercising by running, doing a weight session at the gym or at home pilates, is my form of active meditation. I just don’t feel like a fully functioning human without my morning sweat! I love working out as a way of grounding myself and warming up for my ever growing daily to do list.

Ritual 3:

And finally: coffee. I’m not fancy or picky with my caffeine at all, as long as I get a long black in my hand before work begins, I’m happy and good to go.


To hear more of Marlee’s words, you can binge the back catalogue of her podcast Tiddas 4 Tiddas or read a beautifully curated compilation of inspiring stories about strong Indigenous women in her book My Tidda My Sister.

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