My Morning Routine: Profile on Nina Karnikowski, sustainable travel writer and author

Nina Karnikowski Image by Peter Windrim

Having worked as a travel writer for the past decade, Nina Karnikowski is now on her greatest adventure yet: making her and her readers’ travels more conscious, and less harmful for the planet. She is the author of Make a Living Living, Be Successful Doing What You Love, and Go Lightly, How to Travel Without Hurting the Planet, which releases in early 2021.

Ritual 1:

Sunrise tea: Early each morning, I pour myself three bowls of Chinese red tea. I sit, sometimes in silence and sometimes with some soft music playing, and try to simply focus on the steam rising from the bowl, the earthy taste of the tea in my mouth, and my breath as I sip. This tea practice brings me right into the present moment. It’s an active meditation that helps me feel both awake and clear, but also grounded and calm.

Ritual 2:

Morning pages: After I’ve drunk my tea, I free-write in my journal for about 20 minutes, which I’ve done ever since reading Julia Cameron’s seminal ‘90s book The Artist’s Way over a decade ago. I use this journaling practice to move through any difficult emotions, and to clear out some of the 70,000 thoughts that supposedly run through our heads each day. Without this ritual, I’m all over the place, and during this incredibly tumultuous year it has been a life ring tossed into a stormy sea.

Ritual 3:

Nature’s medicine: Since we spend so much of our precious time on earth poking at our smartphones and laptops, a tactile connection to the natural world before entering the virtual one is so important. My husband and I recently moved a few minutes’ walk from the sea, so after that quiet time I’ll then either run on the beach with our dog and have a swim in the ocean, go for a bush walk, or do some yoga on our deck beneath the paperbarks. If we’re going to heal the earth, we need to let ourselves fall into the astonishing mystery of everything that is staring us in the face all the time – the dancing trees, the curious insects, the birds and the clouds – if only we can put our phones down long enough to see it.

To deep dive into Nina’s travel writing and read more of her beautifully crafted words, you can purchase her first book (Make a Living Living, Be Successful Doing What You Love), and pre-order her second (Go Lightly, How to Travel Without Hurting the Planet) via her website: ninakarnikowski.com . For sustainable travel inspiration, follow her on Instagram @travelswithnina

Image by Peter Windrim (Instagram: @ptrfto)

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