Aura Soma

Please give us your elevator pitch 

Aura-Soma is a system of colour, plant and crystal energies that work on an unconscious vibrational level to help bring happiness and vitality into your life. The colours you are drawn to are the colours you need. If you trust in the energy felt when selecting the Equilibrium bottles in person and apply them regularly, the system becomes the ultimate wellness tool, helping you become the very best version of yourself. 

What problem is our business solving? 

As a company we believe in supporting people to be the best versions of themselves. We believe that improved personal consciousness in a time where the world is cluttered with the unconscious, will build momentum for more conscious communities and organisations. Our mission is to encourage greater cooperation among all beings in the care of each other and the Earth that sustains us. We have created a range of products that inspire all our fellow human beings on their path to happiness and vitality. We are dedicated to creating conscious change on the planet. 

Tell us three unique things about your business
  1. The Aura-Soma Colour system is the only system of self empowerment in the world that is created using life force energy, working on an unconscious vibrational level. Every raw ingredient is hand selected for purity and synergistic effect. The water used is activated as it is within nature and it is prepared for best assimilation into the human body. Naturally occurring crystals are treated using ancient alchemical processes and the plants and herbs are biodynamic and organic, as many as the UK climate allows grown on Shire Farm.
  2. Vicky Wall, with divine inspiration, created the Aura-Soma Colour system and in the process began a lifelong mission of making it available to all those who truly seek it. Mike Booth, now the custodian of the brand, has since contributed unique energy enhancing processes so the bottles have become true living energies and provide colour like never seen before, as he continues to nurture Vicky Walls legacy.
  3. Every aspect of the Aura-Soma Colour system process is infused with love and beneficial intention, creating a product that brings colour and vitality to so many people’s lives. The system is self-selecting. No one knows us better than ourselves. If you trust in the vibrational energy felt when selecting the Equilibrium bottles in person, it can become the ultimate wellness tool.

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

What they can expect is to remember themselves and whatever level they choose to allow. 

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

Vicky Wall is the founder and creator of Aura-Soma. Vicky was a respected pharmacologist, surgical chiropodist and healer. Her healing instincts and capabilities had been with her since birth, and as a child she had developed the intuitive ability to perceive the subtle energies and colours surrounding a person giving her profound insights into a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing. 

At 70, Vicky retired due to clinical blindness, she dedicated her time delving deep into the world of meditation and wellbeing. During 3 consecutive meditations she saw cascades of colour with the guided message to divide the waters. Vicky was divinely guided as she started to create, mixing water, oil, herbs and plant extracts, which led to the creation of the first Equilibrium bottles in 1983. 

Being clinically blind Vicky did not know what she created, all she knew was that “Suddenly, I felt energised, happy, the physical tiredness I had been feeling lifted, as if magically. The concept of balance came into my mind, as if it had been whispered – a state of balance that is beyond stasis and which is known as equilibrium. They could be known by no other name. Equilibrium was born and she was beautiful.”VW 

Within a year, Vicky met Mike Booth. Mike was also a healer, an artist and heavily involved in meditation. Soon after their first meeting Vicky asked him to help with the development of Aura-Soma and for 7 years they worked very closely together, teaching and discussing ways of developing Aura-Soma in the future. 

Before her passing in 1991, Vicky handed over stewardship of Aura-Soma to Mike Booth, entrusting him to introduce Aura-Soma to the world. Their shared importance of personal wellbeing and vitality, and the need to create conscious change on the planet has ensured that Aura-Soma has remained on course, positively impacting people in over 90 countries worldwide. 

Mike has dedicated the last 36 years into expanding Aura-Soma to what we see today, his interest in the philosophies of Rudolph Steiner – particularly in the area of biodynamic farming – has seen Aura-Soma adopt a ‘Soil to Soul’ philosophy that Vicky would have been incredibly happy to see brought to fruition. 

Many of Equilibrium’s ingredients are now grown on Aura-Soma’s own farm – Shire Farm – and combined with the finest crystal tinctures which were not available during Vicky’s time. 

Vicky’s work reignited interest into the ancient mystery of colour and brought to the forefront once again its effects on emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Inspired by pioneers of colour exploration, such as Aristotle, the Roman physician- philosopher Paracelsus, Isaac Newton, Goethe, and Rudolf Steiner, Vicky Wall contributed to explorations of colour in science, medicine and wellness. 

Through Vicky’s work we have learnt that colour is a universal language, with deeply individual meanings – offering keys to who we are, why we are here, and what we need for our greater wellbeing and vitality.

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