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If you’ve begun your eco-journey then you’ve probably ditched single-use plastic straws, replaced plastic bags with more sustainable options and perhaps even started a collection of cute reusable coffee mugs. But, what about the items in your bathroom, namely, razors? You will be forgiven for purchasing and using disposable razors, because until recently, making the switch to a safety razor was not on the universal eco-conscious radar.

The family-owned, Brisbane based Très Chic Shave Kit (TCSK) was created with this pesky problem in mind. They have pledged to help you rid your bathroom of those disposable plastic items that are endlessly harmful to our earth, oceans and health. Like so many mindful, eco-conscious companies, TCSK began as a solution to a problem and a foreseeable gap in founder, Liza’s, life.

After seeking a safe, sustainable and stylish razor option for her teenage daughter, Liza was met with only tacky, plastic, disposable options which were absolutely unacceptable when considering her vegan, environmentally conscious way of living. It was after talking to her daughter and contemplating an all-inclusive, good looking alternative that her brand was born.

TCSK have developed a collection of sustainable bathroom goods from safety razors, boxes of razor blades, conventional razor heads and Kraft paper wash bags to their signature 3-in-1 shave cream (a coconut-scented dream that triples as a shaving cream, makeup remover and moisturiser). Their hero product, however, is their very chic safety razor complete with gorgeous bamboo handle and zinc alloy hardware. It really is very nice to look at, and even better to use, promising the closest, smoothest shave you’ve ever experienced.

Trust us when we say, we get it. Disposable razors are very convenient. Remember, though, that this convenience comes at a cost – to our planet, oceans and our own physical health. And while the life of a safety razor blade is significantly shorter than a disposable razor (approximately 6 shaves per blade), it turns the tedious task of a shave into a beautiful personal ritual. And, aren’t you (and the planet) worth that?

Please give us your elevator pitch:

It’s time to fall head over heels for eco-cosmetic kits.

What problem is your business solving?

Très Chic Shave Kit solves the problem of disposable plastic razors, aerosol foam spray cans and we endeavour to remove unnecessary leather and harmful synthetic/plastic cosmetic bags in your bathroom.

Tell us three unique things about your business?

We are replacing plastic within your bathroom. Our safety razor is 100% plastic-free! Our bathroom/cosmetic travel bag is made from Kraft paper (vegan leather). It’s biodegradable and washable! Our shaving creams are non-toxic and, of course, cruelty-free and come in recyclable, hygienic, lightweight aluminium tin jars.

What can attendees expect to see from you at TCS?

We are launching our LUXURIOUS UNISEX TRAVEL KIT! This kit includes our stunning, gunmetal bamboo safety razor, our non-toxic all-natural, 3-in-1shave cream (it moisturises your skin whilst shaving, can be used as an after-sun treatment and as a makeup remover!), and our vegan, biodegradable toiletry bag.

Can you tell us a little about your background and where the inspiration came from for your business?

Our business is family owned and based in Brisbane, founded by me – Liza. I am a mother to three children and owner of a gorgeous toy poodle named Rosie. In 2018, I took a trip to the supermarket to buy an appropriate women’s razor for my teenage daughter but soon realised I couldn’t find what I was seeking. As a passionate vegan and environmentally conscious woman, the idea of purchasing a packet of plastic, disposable razors for my daughter just didn’t cut the mustard. The shaving creams on offer were not much better; they were filled with chemicals I struggled to pronounce! And, to top it off, then there were cosmetic bags, yet again coated in plastic and synthetic fabrics that last a lifetime in landfill but only a season in the home.

I believe, for the sake of our planet, that there is no need to be using these materials any longer. There are some wonderful new eco-friendly and cruelty-free fabrics on the market, so let’s start using them. Take a moment to look in your bathroom. What do you see? I’ll bet you see a whole lot of plastic!

After a chat with my daughter about what she (and girls like her) wanted and needed, and a consideration of what would benefit the environment and remain accessible for all (any gender, any age), Très Chic Shave Kit was born! As a family of five, I understand the cost of living and how it is very convenient and extremely affordable to buy cheap products. With this in mind, I’ve made our products affordable. And, the best thing about our razors is that once you invest in them, you will never need to purchase another razor again.

To find out more, please visit treschicshavekit.com

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