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The power of the person – building corporate culture from the ground up

The power of the person – building corporate culture from the ground up

Mikey Ellis – writer, life coach and former Head of Culture at Vinomofo – works at bridging the gap between spirituality and corporate culture, promoting the belief that culture is built one person at a time.

With a background in teaching and life coaching, Mikey has always been interested in the way humans learn: what helps us connect ideas. His role as Head of Culture at Vinomofo involved creating a culture that facilitates flourishing, and Mikey is a real believer in the power of people. 

We’ve compiled a few of Mikey’s ideas on how to build corporate culture, by listening to and honouring the values and visions of your team.

  • Build culture through people, not at them
    As Head of Culture at Vinomofo, Mikey took a ground-up approach: putting people first and building from there to cultivate a genuinely inspiring and supportive culture.
  • Promote personal passions
    Mikey believes in creating culture by engaging with people on a personal level: discussing personal goals and ambitions and directing work in a way that allows people to pursue their passion.

  • Stay true to your values, and those of your team
    Outlining and working by a set of cohesive values is integral to strong company culture. When values and actions are aligned, teams are inspired to work with passion and pride. Mikey stresses the importance of working by values which are genuinely, uniquely aligned with your organisation – not by following others. Often, creating a unique culture involves speaking with team members one on one, drawing on their personal values, hopes and dreams.

On March 27th, Mikey will be joining a line-up of other experts giving practical, informed advice on how we can reshape the way we work. Limited tickets for Conscious Work are still available. Book here.

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