Child time: Spark the Imagination with Fun Autumn Leaf Masks

By Luke Morreau from Woolkin

How’s everyone doing?

We’ve been finding some lockdown respite with a walk in our neighborhood for some fresh air and to take in the change of seasons – Autumn has made an appearance over here in New Zealand, the wind is fresh and the leaves are turning gold.

We thought you might enjoy this family activity, which combines outdoor foraging with a bit of crafting action on your return home. The templates for these fun masks are free to download on our website, but of course, you can create your own shape by hand. Little ones will need an extra hand with scissors and glue, but we guarantee a good time for every age.

Step by step

1. Download our free mask templates from https://woolkin.co/pages/woolkin-autumn-mask

2 . Print them out, cut them out, then trace them to the back of a cereal box (or any cardboard you have at home). Cut that out too and you’re ready to go!

3. The fun part! Go scavenging for all things natural. Leaves, seedpods, bushes or twigs. You’ll be amazed what treasures you’ll find when you pay attention to what’s at your doorstep.

4. Grab some glue, pva, tape or staples (whatever you have in the house) to attach your treasures to your mask. Use some ribbon or heavy-duty string to create the tie to wear your mask. Alternatively, attach a stick if you wish to hold your mask to your face rather than tying it around your head.

5. Get your child (if they are old enough) to present their mask to the family. Always nice to see what’s going on in their spectacular imaginations!

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