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Spend ten minutes a day during the month of May, training your mind and step into greater calm.

Founded by Doctor, Author and Meditation expert, Dr Elise Bialylew, ‘Mindful In May’ is a global movement and social enterprise encouraging us to spend a month training our minds: to take time out to practice the art of mindfulness and reap the rewards in our day to day existence.

As we contend with the micro and macro challenges and fears generated by a global pandemic, and the fabric of our world is restructured, there has arguably never been a better time to adopt a mindful approach.

Along with global experts in psychiatry, neuroscience, and mental resilience, Elsie provides a platform from which we can learn about and practice mindfulness with the support and inspiration of others.

After seeing the benefits of mindfulness for herself and the people who came in and out of her psychiatry practice, Elise set about establishing an online mindfulness program: seeking to share the practice of mindfulness with the world.

Now in its ninth year, ‘Mindful In May’ is the largest online mindfulness fundraising program in the world, and the pillars of the mission – to help build mental resilience while providing clean, safe water or people in need – have never been more pertinent.

Through its fundraising scheme, ‘Mindful in May’ not only improves the lives of participants, but the structure of the social enterprise involves raising funds for clean water projects in developing communities.

At the time of writing, the organisation has helped to teach over 40,000 people to meditate, and has provided 16,000 people with clean, safe water.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, providing clean water is of unsurpassed importance, and for those of us lucky enough to benefit from that already, this time of change is an opportunity to take stocks and reshape the way we live.

The online programme involves a daily ten minute guided meditation, along with links to and advice from global experts in meditation and mindfulness.

This year’s panel is made up of twenty leading mediation teachers, writers, poets and scientists, who will be offering advice and insight throughout the duration of the program.

To sign up to the program and benefit from daily meditations and insight into the science and spirituality of the practice, visit mindfulinmay.org .

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