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5 tips on How to Incorporate Meditation into Your Workday

5 tips on How to Incorporate Meditation into Your Workday

As the benefits of meditation become increasingly apparent – with mounting research suggesting meditation can improve everything from immune function to cognitive adaptability – some workplaces are building meditation breaks into their office routine. If yours isn’t one, it’s still possible to incorporate meditation into your work day, for the benefit of everyone.

Understand the need – Writer and productivity consultant Chris Bailey asserts that with building and breaking habits – like with many things in life – the first step is awareness. If you’re considering building meditation into your life, it might help to research the benefits of meditation, to remind yourself of your motivations and what you’ll be gaining.

Time it right – Research outlined by Daniel Pink shows that we’re often our most creative in the mornings, and that the mid afternoon slump is a genuine problem. With this in mind, it might be wise to meditate in the afternoon, to jump-start creativity and allow your brain to process the issues, obstacles and idea that have arisen over the course of the morning.

Create a habit loop – When building a habit, it can be useful to use cues such as time and place to trigger the behaviour you want to adopt. During lockdown – when there are fewer variations in your daily routine – may be a perfect time to start a new practice. The habit loop theory is the idea that by having a clear cue before you complete the behaviour, and a clear reward afterwards, it’s easier to adopt a habit into your life. For instance, choose a time to meditate, and save a gratifying task (or maybe a tea break) afterwards.

Have an accountability partner – Another common tip to help develop a healthy habit is to have an accountability partner: someone else who knows about your intention to pick up a habit. Reach out to a colleague who also wants to incorporate meditation into their workday, and keep each other inspired.

Track your progress – There’s an inherent reward in ticking items off a list, and meditation is no exception. If you believe your workday is enhanced by your meditation, make it a non-negotiable: put it on your calendar and cross it off every day once it’s done.

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