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How ISO is Changing Exercise

How ISO is Changing Exercise

The gyms are closed, and often our walk in the park is the only change of scenery from our house-turned-office-turned-school-turned-cafe-turned-cinema, so how is isolation changing the way we exercise, and is it changing it for good?

Digital fitness

Having a “personal trainer in your headphones” was cited as an emerging fitness trend in 2019, but the onset of COVID-19 and the measures that ensued have propelled the growth of this industry.

Many of us are now accustomed to tuning in to a fitness class from the comfort of our homes, and with the lower relative cost and ease of access, we can’t help but question whether we’ll ever return to the gym.

The rise of the walk

Walking has been described as “the superpower you didn’t know you had” by Neuroscientist Shane O’Mara, professor of Experimental Brain Research at Trinity College Dublin and author of In Praise of Walking.

Since lockdown rules were introduced, people across the world have been harnessing the power of walking as a form of solace through these turbulent times.

Yoga for everyone and every ailment

Dedicated yogis have always maintained that Yoga can cure all, but as we’ve been locked in our homes, more of us have been turning to Yoga for help.

The meteoric success of YouTube Yoga teacher Adrienne Mishler evidences the position that virtual Yoga classes are taking in many of our isolation lives.

Daily visits to Adrienne’s YouTube channel have more than tripled since mid March, and her very specific routines (Yoga for suffering/ Yoga for risk takers/ Yoga for vulnerability) have seen Adrienne crowned “the people’s yogi”.

While the collective energy of an in-person Yoga class is hard to beat, discovering YouTube Yoga may be a game-changer, and Adrienne is humanising the practice, helping us discover how Yoga can improve our day-to-day.

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