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The Art of a Mindful Home

The Art of a Mindful Home

Creating a mindful home requires intention – a consideration of the steps we can take to make our home our haven. The beautiful thing is, a lot of the control is in our hands, and it’s not about paying for new crystals or a minimalist refurb, it’s about our attitude.

Creating a mindful home can start the moment we wake up: set an intention for the way you hope to spend your day, and relish in the knowledge that you have power over your actions. 

While curating our space – keeping our homes tidy and beautiful – can help us to live in a greater state of peace, it’s the act of space making which benefits us most. Living in a clean space is visually pleasing, but taking the time to deliberately transform your home – making your bed and arranging your cupboards – is gratifying, rewarding and motivating in itself. Take the time to enhance the beauty of your home, and do so with an awareness of and gratitude for your space, and the positive impact your work is having on your environment.

A mindful home is impacted by the activities we perform within it. Day to day tasks like eating and reading can create an energy of calm inspiration if performed with mindfulness and positive intention. Slowing down and enjoying the experiences that our home affords us inspires a sense of gratitude.

The art of a mindful home has little to do with the space itself, but with our emotions and attitude towards it. Living with appreciation, gratitude and positive intent can allow us to transform our space into a sanctuary.

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