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My morning routine: Profile on Erin Tetarenko

My morning routine: Profile on Erin Tetarenko

Life coach, entrepreneurial mindset facilitator and yoga teacher Erin Tetarenko describes her work as “creating space for humanness”, and when you meet her, you understand what that means in practice. Erin’s open-hearted, insightful compassion is evident in an instant, so it makes sense that she spends her working days helping people work through their ambitions to expand into their best self. Erin shared a few morning rituals that she practices for herself, so she can show up for others:


Ritual one:

Pranayama (Breathing Technique) and Meditation: I practice breathing techniques and meditation from the Tantric Yogic systems to influence my internal state. 


Ritual two:

Gratitude: I contemplate how “life is a gift” and experience elevated emotions like joy and gratitude. 


Ritual three:

Nature: I move my body in nature to connect more deeply with the natural world I’m a part of and experience the healing properties. Most mornings, I ride my bike followed by the lighthouse walk in Byron Bay. I often see dolphins (sometimes whales and turtles), hear the birds sing, and take this time to connect with a friend as well.  



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