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My morning routine: Profile on Ella Noah Bancroft

My morning routine: Profile on Ella Noah Bancroft

Ella Noah Bancroft is a Byron-based writer, connection and sexuality coach, activist, Yoga teacher and story-teller, who works towards promoting the wellbeing of our environment, the strength of our personal connections and the rights of Indigenous people. As well as being the mind behind socially-conscious clothing brand Yhi Collective, Ella runs regular connection coaching workshops, and her weekend-long event The Returning is taking place in the Byron shire this November. For those of us who can’t learn from Ella in person, we reached out to learn about the way she starts her days.  


Ritual 1. 

The first thing I do when I wake up, is hug my partner, tell her how much I love her and together we create our day. We talk about our dreams and discuss how we want our day to be. 

Ritual 2. 

I live close to the beach and often get out of bed and take my dog for a long walk. Nature always grounds me, fills me up and creates a mood for the day. I always get my bare feet on earth in the morning, even if I don’t make it to the beach. 

Ritual 3. 

I start my day with lemon water, and have done religiously for a while now.I never drink coffee out. I haven’t had a coffee from a cafe in over 2 years.  I make my own special coffee. It is coffee mixed with ghee, maca powder, cinnamon, lionsmane and a dash of coconut cream. I blend this and this elixir is one of my greatest allies to completing my work. 

Ritual 4. 

I write every morning, either in my diary or on my laptop. I love writing, expressing my thoughts and allowing my mind empty out my emotions. It’s a ritual for me to write every day. It centres me and reminds me of the importance of stories and storytelling.

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