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The Back-To-Work Wardrobe

The Back-To-Work Wardrobe

Working in our pyjamas was fun for a while, but it’s not such an achievable option outside of our WFH offices, and getting dressed up for work can be satisfying in itself. We’ve put together a guide to the best brands to look to if you’re updating your office look and the op-shops aren’t delivering the goods.



Designed and made in Australia from entirely Oeko-tex certified fabric, Raw Luxury creates clean, minimalist designs that are made to last. We love the wide legged pants and linen coats for a simple, comfortable office uniform.


The Fauve tag-line is “from beach to bar”, but depending on your industry, we think office should be included in that list too. Simple linen designs, hand-dyed in earthy shades, Fauve’s skirts, tops, jumpsuits and dresses are perfect paired-back options for casual office outfits. 


Arguably too colourful for a lot of offices, but if you can get away with wearing the loud, statement pieces from The Social Outfit in the office, we think you should. This endlessly-inspiring Sydney-based social enterprise provides training, employment and opportunity for people from refugees and migrant communities, and beautifully designed, ethically made clothing for everyone. If a brightly-coloured dress isn’t in-keeping with your office aesthetic, you’ll surely be able to sneak one of The Social Outfit’s notebooks onto your desk without causing a scene.



Made in Australia from ethically-sourced hemp and linen, the simple, timeless designs from Ricepaper The Label combine neutral colours with stylish, practical silhouettes for minimalist, tasteful workwear wardrobes.


While here in Australia we’re lucky enough to have access to some incredible brands offering beautiful, ethically designed and made linens and casuals, if you work in a blouse-and-blazer style industry, finding sustainable options can be a challenge. One P was born with this in mind, and the capsule collection of sustainably produced, high-quality pieces can be mixed and matched for consistently smart corporate attire.


Sustainably sourced organic and deadstock fabrics, socially responsible initiatives and small scale production processes, this Australian brand is ethical across the board, and they happen to make absurdly beautiful accessories. The clothing – linen tunics and limited edition fairtrade knits –  is possibly more weekend-appropriate than work-appropriate, but the ceramic bracelets and statement earrings are perfect for brightening up an office outfit.


Impossibly beautiful linen for men and women, Seaside Tones is arguably more appropriate for a beachside retreat than an office, but if your office is open to minimalist linen looks, this Bondi-born brand has got you covered. Their across-the-board sustainable approach is also a big plus.

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