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Five Healthy Lunchbox Heroes

Five Healthy Lunchbox Heroes

If baking banana bread is losing its appeal, we hear you. Thankfully, these heroic brands have got healthy, tasty, sustainably made lunchbox fillers down, so we don’t have to.

1. Antioxidant Bars from The Daily Bar

The Daily Bar has re-defined what it means to be a wholefood bar: out with date-heavy recipes and in with flavours and consistencies for every occasion. These organic superfood bars are made in Byron Bay from natural, nutrient-dense ingredients, and are produced and distributed with the planet in mind: compostable packaging containing pesticide-free treats. The PB brownie gets our vote for after dinner, but for a lunchbox option, we think their Antioxidant Bars are hard to beat.


2. The Choc Lover’s Box from Hill St Wholefoods

If a little bit of baking is still an option, but you’re not interested in searching for recipes and complex healthy ingredients, Hill St Wholefoods can help. Their range of baking mixes are all vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free and the instructions are as simple as add milk, stir and bake. If you’re living with TimTam fans, and who isn’t, The Choc Lover’s Box can help.


3. Barley + Seven Seeds bars from Freedom Foods

The genius minds behind Messy Monkeys, the team at Freedom Foods know how to make healthy, gluten, dairy and GM-free snacks appealing to even the most discerning lunch-box aficionado. All of their products are also nut-free to prevent the risk of allergic reactions, so their Barley + range of bars are a great option if you or your family are at risk of intolerance. 


4. Cranberry and macadamia seaweed bites from Phyco Health


The team behind Phyco Health are dedicated to making seaweed superfood accessible. Their (award-winning) fortified corn chips and seaweed 

“phettucine” have earned our adoration for turning otherwise nutritionally-neutral but no less addictive carby treats into health foods, and their “phukka” snack mix benefits from being dangerously addictive and having an entertaining name. It’s the cranberry and macadamia “phycobites” that get our vote for as a lunchbox addition though: crunchy, salty, sweet and infused with seaweed-derived omega, iron and antioxidants.



5. Fruit puree pouches from Australian Organic

If you often find yourself returning the un-eaten apples and bananas you packed into lunch boxes back into the fruit bowl, you might be interested in other methods of fitting fruit into daytime diets. Australian Organic’s fruit puree pouches are made from 100% organic, Australian-grown fruit, sustainably farmed and often made using the fruit which would otherwise be rejected and wasted.


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