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Social distancing woke us up, now what?

Social distancing woke us up, now what?

As we all begin to venture out of socially distanced isolation, a common theme I am hearing from friends and clients is they don’t want to go back to the work and lifestyle they once led.


The idea of sitting at a desk in close proximity to others, and being on public transport and in cities is bringing up feelings of anxiety. The type of work they’re doing now feels empty and unfulfilling. Workplace dynamics and undertones of inequality can no longer be explained away, and we’re left facing how unhappy these situations are making us, and how out of balance they are with our passions and what the body needs.


Physical distancing for Covid-19 created space for people to pull back and be in their own worlds. Everyone that I’ve spoken with hit their limit and experienced internal transformation in the last few months. This has been confronting. However it provided a rare opportunity to bring into our awareness what we all had been prioritising and what was truly of value and importance to us. Time with the family, nights staying in and making meals. Bringing it back to basics and witnessing how unprepared we are for change.


Many have experienced major restructures at work, and saying goodbye to jobs and businesses they had given everything to. Clients are telling me their passion for work has slipped away, and they intuit this as the push they needed to do what they’re on this Earth to do. Creating their own business and pursuing collaborations in alignment with their core values. In the absence of mandatory meetings and keeping up the illusion of being busy at work, we’ve seen how much of our time is being wasted. And who is that for?


A similar breaking of the spell happens for mothers returning to work after maternity leave. They go back and quickly leave again because that workplace just doesn’t feel right for them anymore. Their old space brings no value to them as a human and they’re soon feeling depleted, frustrated, and anxious about the very idea of going back to that job.


Your body, mind and spirit has gone into isolation. Your physical body has adapted to being in its own personal space. Your immune system will have to go through a period of adjusting to others’ microbiomes and Energetic systems. You will feel more sensitive to situations and easier to feel overwhelmed and anxious as you are reintroduced to workloads and expectations.


It’s all coming to the surface for workplaces that lack holistic planning, diversity and equality. Solutions can be found in forward thinking to shift away from operating in a reactionary state of going from one crisis to another, which really is a major cause of burnout for staff. We need better foundations to support teams with opportunities for reflection, adapting to change, and rewiring our relationships with the Earth through sustainability and environmental design.


Workplace structures we are returning into are not good enough for what is needed for the people that work within them and for the planet. Let’s take a moment to reflect. This is our opportunity to turn it all around.


Imagine that we collectively are a wave. This wave receded into the ocean (isolation). It had time to go into unconscious states and figure out what was real and important. It pulled all of its energy and life force in. Now the wave will follow its natural form of ebb and flow and will soon come back to the shore with a powerful life force, direction and purpose. Now is the time to take real steps of action toward the life you want to live. Everything is supporting this right now.


If you’re directing your attention and energy into a world you feel isn’t right for you, or that every step and decision you make isn’t in a direction you can feel proud to leave behind for our children and their children, this is the time to change trajectory. Nothing can justify you not following the breadcrumbs you left for yourself. Let go of fears and obligations that have been holding you back and step into the world you want to be in. 


This world operates in ebb and flow, duality, a beautiful dance between the elements within and without. During times of the unknown we are humbly guided to trust. Listen to your internal guidance and the signs from your body. Working with your body as the compass and guide it truly is and being part of the solutions within every area of your life. 


If you fell into self reflection and grace with yourself during this time of isolation, you may notice your actions are having more rapid ripple effects in the world. Intentions are manifesting quicker and you’re more in tune with nature and her cycles. 


If you’re asking, what am I supposed to be doing here? Take a step back. Take a moment and feel into your unique skill set and what things spark life in your body. It may not feel right to apply your gifts to a system built by someone else’s ideal for how it should be. 


It’s time to take a leap of faith. This is that time in our journey. Throw yourself into the unknown and completely trust yourself, your own guidance and remember you are so much more than your work, status, and all the things we’ve made up that exist outside of natural lore. Your wisdom is your most valued commodity on this Earth, followed closely by your time. 


This is the point of our journey where every person is responsible for their own happiness, their impact on the Earth, and their contribution to a more balanced world. It begins with you. 


Written by Sarah Baiada, founder of Rosa Temple and Universal Energetics. She’s a speaker, natural health practitioner, energetic healer, intuitive massage therapist, and mentor based in Bangalow, NSW


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