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My Morning Routine: Profile on Benny Wallington

My Morning Routine: Profile on Benny Wallington

Benny Wallington designs workshops and systems for a transition to the thriving planet that our hearts know is possible. As well as co-founding Reunion (a community of emerging storytellers, sense makers and activists) Benny established the health movement 101 Tokens (which has helped thousands of people across the world to improve their relationship to alcohol) and is a Peak Performance Coach with the Flow Genome Project. We’re very inspired by Benny’s approach to work and life, which is underpinned by his belief that even our vices – if approached with the right mindset – can be a source of positivity. 


We reached out to learn how Benny starts his days;


Ritual 1: GET – When I was doing eight months long distance with my partner Jacqui, we discovered on our calls that asking the question “how are you?” was boring and the answers were boring too.


So Jacqui invented GET – Three questions to ask yourself or someone you love each morning. And GET is G: What are you Grateful for? E: What are you Excited about? & T: What are you Taking action on?


This loads up your day with positive vibes and keeps you accountable to one goal for the day. 


Ritual 2: Editing – If you had asked me this three weeks ago this would have been writing. But I’ve found so much flow in editing lately that I feel like I’m enjoying it more than writing. One of my hats is a flow-state and performance coach with the Flow Genome Project, so I’m always observing which activities not only provide flow in the moment, but also deliver an afterglow that ignites the rest of my day. Editing my own or one of my team’s words ticks both of the boxes. 


Ritual 3: Drinking – with my business 101 Tokens I work with my clients and members on transitioning bad habits into healthy rituals. My system for whether something is a ritual or not is pretty simple: I ask 1) Is this something that you’d be proud to tell your best friend about? 2) Is it conducive to you being a better human? In the case of a drink, the type of alcohol and the conditions you drink it under are instrumental in whether this ticks both of these. Note: there are a few exceptions to this rule, but I find it works most of the time. 


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