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The Conscious Space Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

The Conscious Space Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is almost upon us, and if you haven’t been spending the past few months working on that hand-painted bookcase for him, we’ve got you. Our conscious guide to Father’s Day gifts covers all bases: sustainable, soulful gifts that will last longer than a bottle of shiraz. 


For the Beach Bum


A guide to the best swimming in Australia

If dad’s happy place is the water, then there isn’t a more appropriate book for him. Places We Swim is the definitive guide to Australian swimming spots, and will take your dad on a journey around the country, even if he can’t travel at the

 moment. The authors will even hand write a personal note in it for him. Look out for their framed prints of evocative Australian swimming spots, and their new Sydney book, featuring walks and swims within two hours of the city (out October, currently on pre-order). 


Sustainable sunglasses from Parafina

As well as donating 5% of their profits to a social impact project in Paraguay which provides quality education to underprivileged children, Parafina also happens to make stylish sunglasses from 100% recycled materials. Get 20% off with the code: CLEANBEACHES

For the Gardener


An in-garden compost system from Subpod

If dad’s been getting into gardening, investing in a sustainable compost system for him will ensure that those home-grown salads keep on coming. Subpod is an in-garden compost system which uses the natural composting power of worms and microbes to break down food waste into garden goodness without the hard-work (and mess, and smell) of traditional composting. Subpod reduces the pollution caused by landfill food waste, and enhances any gardening experience by infusing soil with organically occurring nutrients (and removing the fear of the dreaded overflowing compost bin). If you’d like to get your hands on one of these beauty’s there is also a 10% discount for customers who preorder using the code ‘GOSUBPOD10’. 



Dad’s perfect books from Secret Book Stuff

And after dad’s done with the hard work, help make sure he’s got a good book to get stuck into (while the worms get stuck into the composting). Secret Book Stuff is a social enterprise on a mission to connect readers with books that they’ll love. Share dad’s interests, passions and previous faves with the team at Secret Book Stuff, and they’ll send a book to suit him: wrapped in recycled paper and tied in biodegradable twine. With every book bought through Secret Book Stuff, one is donated to a child in need, so you can let dad know that he’s making somebody else’s day too.


A beer-bundle from Stone & Wood

The “Lager Lover” bundle from everyone’s favourite sustainable brewery Stone & Wood covers all bases: socks (because, let’s face it, every gift selection should), a six-pack of Green Coast Lager and a Stone & Wood “coldie holdie” – a stubby holder made from sustainably sourced wetsuit offcuts.


For the Chef


Sustainable pots and pans from SOLIDTEKNICS

A set of sustainably made, stylishly designed cookware from SOLIDTEKNICS will enhance dad’s kitchen experience even more than the “Best Dad Ever” mug you bought him last year. All SOLIDTEKNIC products are non-toxic, Australian-made and multi-century durable, so you’ll have to think of a different gift for next year.


A handcrafted knife from Hamono Studios

The Melbourne-based team behind Hamono Studios are bringing handcrafted Japanese knives to Australian kitchens, and doing it with style. The specialist range of knives are designed in consultation with the bladesmith association of Banshu and expertly hand-crafted by small-scale Ono, Hyogo.

We love the beauty and the art of knives. It is something we use mindlessly, yet we use every single day. It is so close to our lives – it’s a piece of art that brings families and friends together, and we feel they are pretty special.

At Hamono Studio, we are a retailer and sole distributor of Banshu Hamono products in Australia and New Zealand, established in 2018. We work direct with the designers, knife makers, and bladesmith association of Banshu; but put simply, we are a small team of passionate individuals who love using these super sharp knives, and want to share the love with everyone around us and more. 

From functional, versatile everyday knives to more specialised slicing knives, and some foraging/camping/outdoor folding pocket knives, we have handpicked the pieces we import. All of our products are handcrafted in Ono, Hyogo. This region has been known for blade making for hundreds of years and is closely related to one of the three major knife region of Japan – Sakai, Osaka. They of course all feature the most special feature of sharpness and durability that Japanese knives are famous for.  

 Get 10% off their beautiful knives this weekend only (28th – 31st Aug) with the code FATHERS10.  


For the Athlete


Sustainable activewear from Active Apostle 

If dad’s lycra is in need of a refresh, help him make a sustainable switch and up his activewear game with ethically made sportswear from Active Apostle. This small Australian label uses recycled fabrics (made from discarded fishing nets and carpet fibres), and unlike so many sportswear brands, ensures fair, safe conditions for garment manufacturers. To get 20% off all Menswear items until Sept 6th, enter the code ‘fathersday20’. 



Self massage props from Mobeco

The aesthetically perfect and eco-friendly fitness props from Mobeco are the sustainable alternative to foam rollers and plastic at-home physio equipment. Mobeco’s range spans from Hemp yoga straps to cork rollers, and will help dad stay chic and sustainable while he’s stretching.



An eco-friendly bicycle from Advance Traders

Across Australia, interest in cycling has seen a rapid rise since the start of our first lockdown [1]. If your dad is among the thousands of newly-enthusiastic cyclists, help him keep up the hobby with an environmentally-friendly bike from Advance Traders.   


For Everyone


A donation to HalfCut

And finally, which Australian father doesn’t want to help protect our country’s (and the world’s) oldest rainforest? Donate to the HalfCut campaign in dad’s name, and you’ll give him the gift of goodwill. The 2020 HalfCut campaign is committed to preserving a precious plot of land in the Daintree, and ensuring management is returned to the traditional land owners, the Kukuk Yalangi people. The fundraiser wraps up on August 31st, so by Father’s Day you’ll be able to tell dad how much rainforest he’s helped to save.




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