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The Heroes Saving Our Planet From The Impact of Online Shopping

The Heroes Saving Our Planet From The Impact of Online Shopping

Just as we were starting to see a rise in the trend of shopping local [1], a pandemic hit: closing stores and markets and confining us to our homes. 


The first few months of Australia’s first lockdown in response to COVID-19 saw Australia Post report an 80 per cent increase in online shopping [2]. And while online shopping is undoubtedly appealing, the impact on the environment isn’t.


We’re not here to cast shame over the act of online shopping. E-commerce has been essential for keeping small businesses afloat through this socially distant time, and the flexibility allows incredible small brands and creatives to deliver treats to our doorsteps. However, the extensive packaging which is so often part and parcel (couldn’t not) of online shopping has its pitfalls. 


Products purchased online are often packaged and repackaged in soft plastic, which takes around 400 years to decompose [3]. The WWF has reported that every year, 130,000 tonnes of the plastic waste produced by Australians ends up in the ocean [4], and from the microplastics it excretes to the physical damage it can cause when ingested, soft plastic is particularly damaging to our marine life [5]. While soft plastic recycling is possible (thank you Redcycling), the more we can limit the amount in circulation, the better.


And this is where Hero Packaging comes in, with their entirely compostable, reusable HEROPACKS, which have prevented over 3,000,000 plastic mailers from entering our post boxes and ultimately our planet. 


The Heropack idea was born when Anaita and Vik Sarkar – the husband and wife team behind the Sydney-based brand – found themselves shipping around 100 plastic packages from their e-commerce store every day. The plastic packaging approach sat uncomfortably, and since non-waterproof paper mailers wouldn’t work with their products, the couple realised it was up to them to step in and find a better alternative.


The durable, waterproof mailing packs from Hero (which come in a range of colours and sizes, and can be customised as per your preference) are completely compostable, meaning that even if they end up in landfill, they’ll break down without releasing harmful toxins into our environment.


Currently, their team sends over 4,000 compostable packs out every day, and as more brands begin to really think about their impact on our planet, we imagine this is just the beginning.


To get hold of a sample HEROPACK or order your own customised stock, visit heropackaging.com.au. For the most aesthetically pleasing packaging images (and to keep up to date with the Hero Packaging mission), follow them on Instagram @hero.packaging 

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