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As part of our dedication to championing an ethical approach to work, we’re shining a light on the workplaces making work-life more enriching for their employees.

This week, we spoke with Emma Shearman, the Partnerships Manager from Compass Studio, about office life at Compass, and the small things that create an inspiring company culture.

“With Compass HQ being based on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, a little pre-work salt and a seaside commute kicks off the day. Here at Compass Studio, our mission is to spread the word of world bettering brands and it’s the theme that ties everything we do together. 

 Our day involves having inspiring meetings with change-markers and thought-leaders in our space, and working with people who have one common theme of being ambitious in their pursuit of their passion and purpose. Nat and Luke, Compass’ Co-directors and Co-founders, have a strong True North, which drives our company values on sustainability and how we approach our respective roles. 

 Each day is an alluring and rewarding challenge of getting awesome brands the attention they deserve and storytelling their brand values in a saturated media and online space. A number of our partners are epic outdoor brands, like Zorali or Will & Bear, so often there are talks of weekend wildness adventures and mishaps. It’s safe to say that our days at Compass are adventurous, fulfilling, and meaningful.”

To learn more about the inspiring work that the Compass Studio team do, visit compass-studio.com or follow them on Instagram @compass_studio.

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