No Small Plan, Thankyou to the world – how conscious consumerism can help end global poverty

Since their inception in 2008, the social enterprise Thankyou have been fearless in their pursuit of creating a better way to buy, disruptive and creative in their approach to questioning the status quo. To date, the social enterprise (which sells high quality personal care products, and donates 100% of profits to helping end global poverty) has raised over $17 million for their impact partners serving the world’s poorest populations. Their charitable commitment is one definitive feature of Thankyou, but it’s their unrelenting creativity that sets them apart, and sparks hope for a new, kinder consumer society. Today, they’re launching their most ambitious initiative to date: a consumer-led campaign calling for an industry-changing partnership with two of the world’s largest consumer goods companies, Unilever and P&G. If Unilever and P&G agree to distributing Thankyou products across the globe, the positive impact that Thankyou is currently having on global poverty could be increased exponentially.


Starting as a small, Australian based drinking water company, Thankyou secured partnerships with the biggest Australian retailers not by jumping through the traditional hoops set by the capitalist system, but by harnessing the energy of conscious consumers who want to shop in a way that can help the world. Thankyou’s fans lobbied Coles and Woolworths to stock Thankyou products, with two consumers (who happened to be helicopter pilots) flying over the Sydney and Melbourne offices with banners calling for the big retailers to support and stock Thankyou in their nationwide stores.


After extending their range to include sustainably-produced baby products, personal care products and a pay-what-you-like book that reads sideways (a nod to their disruptive approach), Thankyou decided to stop producing bottled water as it didn’t fit with their sustainably-minded ethos.


And then, when a global pandemic hit and saw the demand for Thankyou’s products (particularly hand sanitiser) sky-rocket, they decided that rather than riding the wave of personal financial success, they’d take the opportunity to change the world.


Today (September 29, 2020) Thankyou have sent an invitation to two of the world’s largest companies (P&G and Unilever), with the aim of securing global distribution of their products (and resulting charitable donations).


To join the movement, Thankyou are encouraging conscious consumers to share the No Small Plan campaign on social media by posting a photo with the caption “I’m in, are you?” along with the hashtag #thankyoutotheworld , tagging @proctergamble and @unilever to show the consumer demand for socially-conscious products.


To learn more about the No Small Plan campaign, we encourage you to watch and share this video from Thankyou co-founder Daniel Flynn, or visit the Thankyou website.


We’re in. Are you?

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