Six Amazing Sustainable Bedding Brands For A More Eco-Conscious Bedroom

Lockdown saw us all pay way more attention to improving the spaces in which we spend our time, with the bed being destination number one. Creating a sustainable home is a complex art, so to help the people of Australia style their beds sustainably, we’ve put together a round-up of our six favourite eco-friendly bedding brands to shop now.


The Sheet Society

The Sheet Society are keen to state that they’re not just another sheet store. As well as all of the typical pre-requisites for sustainable sheets: organic fabrics, natural dyes, ethical production practices, The Sheet Society go above and beyond to create sheets that are as exquisite as they can be, without causing any unnecessary harm to the environment. The Sheet Society’s linen range are made from 100% flax linen, which is grown on farms which have been found to improve the local eco-system (by trapping CO2). Rather than added to enzyme washes like the linen used by many other textile companies, The Sheet Society ensure their linen is stone washed to maintain the integrity of the long yarns that make linen long-lasting and luxurious. This is just one example of the extra steps that The Sheet Society takes, but it reflects their commitment to making high-quality, eco-friendly products. This ethos is further reflected through the product details: thick elastic for comfort and ease and creative designs in a range of colours and weaves for the ultimate eco bedroom aesthetic.



This Sydney-born business has reinvented furniture shopping, and bedding is not exempt. Alongside their industry leading mattresses, Koala stock hypoallergenic, vegan duvets that mimic the feathery comfort of down duvets without hurting any animals in the process. Their duvets and pillows are made using TENCEL™ Lyocell, a fabric blend made from sustainably grown eucalyptus, and as a member of 1% For The Planet, 1% of all Koala’s profits are donated to environmental causes.




This Melbourne-based brand were ahead of the game with eco bedding, making the world’s first 100% organic bamboo lyocell sheets and setting the gold standard for chic, sustainable pyjama sets that are entirely acceptable as an out-to-dinner outfit. Their signature fabric CleanBamboo™ is 100% organic, and requires five times less water than cotton in the manufacturing process. The silky-soft fabric is also a wise option for sweaty sleepers, with thermoregulating properties and charcoal-infused options neutralising odours and absorbing moisture.


Weft Textiles


The word Weft refers to a horizontal style of weaving, but for designer and founder of Weft Texiles Samia Fisher, it stands for something more poetic: When Everyone Forms Together. This Adelaide-born brand is committed to using 100% organic and natural fabrics and dyes to create soft, long-lasting bed sheets, tea towels, cushions and clothing, all with a signature minimal, paired-back aesthetic. The Weft Textiles bed sheets are made in Australia from 100% flax linen, and are available in a range of pastel and neutral hues.


Bhumi Organics


All of the brands we’ve listed consider their environmental and social impacts, but through their rigorous fair trade commitments, Bhumi go above and beyond to live out their ethos: taking inspiration from mother earth to “make a positive impact on our planet and the people”. Along with organic cotton clothing, organic towels and a new organic sleepwear line, Bhumi stocks an extensive range of organic bedding – from mattress protectors to flannel sheets to quilt covers – all with certified organic and fair trade production methods guaranteed. The team at Bhumi are diligent about ensuring that sustainability is considered at every stage, with entirely transparent production methods from seed to shelf. The cotton used is grown on certified organic farms, dyed with GOTS (non hazardous) approved dyes and handled in fair trade certified factories, where employees receive a living wage, pension funds, house rent, schooling for their children, social security, paid holiday leave, sick pay, medical insurance, subsidies, overtime and lunches. When you buy from Bhumi, you’ll receive an email detailing the impact your order has had: how much pesticide you’ve helped prevent from entering the earth, and how many days worth of drinking water you’ve helped to preserve by making a conscious consumer decision. Bhumi, we applaud.


Bed Threads


No Australian homewares article would be complete without reference to Bed Threads, the linen company that has swept the market since releasing its first line of flax linen bedding sets (pillow cases, quilt covers and sheets beautifully bundled together in easy-to-buy sets) in August 2017. Founder Genevieve Rosen-Biller was inspired to create luxurious, sustainably made linen bed sheets accessible, and through their direct-to-customer model and spot-on marketing, Bed Threads have done exactly that. The Sydney based company uses 100% flax linen which is grown without pesticides on registered French farms, woven in ethically run factories in China, and sent to consumers in plastic-free packaging. Through  their carbon offset scheme, Bed Threads have become a carbon neutral company, and their products are OETO-TEX certified (meaning free of harmful chemicals).

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