Six sustainable sunscreens from eco-friendly Australian brands

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly sunscreen that’s kind to people and planet, we’ve got you. We’ve put together a round-up of Australian made sunscreens that are nourishing on skin and free from the harmful ingredients causing damage to our reefs and marine life.


Vegan Sunscreen SPF 50+ from People 4 Ocean

Through their work as reef scientists, Louise and Austin – the husband and wife team behind People4Ocean Sun Care – began to witness first-hand the impact that human stressors such as land development, overfishing and climate change are having on our aquatic landscapes. In response, they founded People4Ocean: a small scale sunscreen brand with environmental preservation embedded in every element of the business. The non-toxic formula’s are 100% Australian-made in a solar-powered factory, packaged in sugar-cane bioplastic tubes and sent to your door through Sendle: the carbon neutral shipping company reshaping the way Australia sends.  P4O commits up to $1 of all product sales to reef conservation initiatives, and Louise and Austin continue to carry out their own conservation work in Australia, Fiji and French Polynesia. To date, P4O’s products have helped to fund three conservation projects, and have seen the P4O team plant 1,697 corals. P4O’s SPF50+ vegan sunscreen is naturally reef safe, and the plant-based, mineral-rich formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin such as toddlers and pets, and during pregnancy or breast feeding.


SPF 30 Natural  Sunscreen from Wotnot Naturals

Wotnot Naturals have been leaders in the natural skincare world for a while, and their award winning SPF30 natural sunscreen has helped them secure a community of loyal, loving followers. All Wotnot products are made in Australia from natural, organic ingredients, and are designed with the aim of keeping families safe from toxins. The aloe infused formula of Wotnot’s SPF30 natural sunscreen moisturises the skin whilst protecting from sun damage, and with certification from the Australian eczema association, it’s a guaranteed go for sensitive skin. As part of their mission to keep Australian families safe, Wotnot donate a percentage of their profits to a number of womens shelters and children’s charities: so by buying Wotnot, you’re protecting your own family and helping others.


Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ from We Are Feel Good Inc 

Feel Good Inc have really got aesthetics down, but there’s more to this WA based brand than beautiful (recyclable through We Are Feel Good Inc’s bottle recycling programme) bottles. Founded by a team of friends who wanted to create a sunscreen they could feel good about using, We Are Feel Good Inc use paraben, preservative, oxybenzone, octinoxate and PABA free formulas enriched with skin-loving vitamin e and aloe vera. Their sensitive sunscreen lotion is super gentle and fragrance free, and four hours water resistant for hours in the ocean. The “feel good” refers to more than just the preservative free formula: all products are designed with comfort in mind for a non-sticky, lightweight, good feeling.


Natural Rose Hip Sunscreen from Eco Tan 

The team at Eco Tan are dedicated to keeping Australian skin safe and stunning, so along with their range of tanning lotions and oils, they’ve developed a broad spectrum sunscreen enriched with organic green tea, vitamin e and rose hip extract. This SPF30 formula contains protective zinc for a non-greasy texture that rubs in easily, and with only natural ingredients, is naturally reef friendly and safe on skin.


SPF50 Water Resistant Reef Safe Sunscreen from Sunbutter

We love Sunbutter’s simple approach: natural, zinc-enriched formulas packed into eco-friendly tins and designed with the safety of people, planet, plants and creatures front and centre. Founded by marine biologist Sacha Guggenheimer and conservation ecologist Tom Hiney, Sunbutter was first formulated for people working in the ocean: the photographers, fisherman, whale shark guides, spearo’s and divers of the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Reef. The vegan formula is made in a solar powered Australian factory, and the non-aqueous solution lasts longer than water-based sunscreen formulas.


Queen Screen SPF 50+ Luminising Sun Serum from Ultra Violette


The name Queen Screen is accurate for this master product: a lightweight, rose-scented, luminising serum enriched with native anti-oxidants and skin-loving vitamins. Blending easily under makeup, this serum is designed as a beauty product first and foremost: oil-free, non-greasy and enriched with superfood extracts to boost skin’s natural glow while protecting it from the whole solar spectrum of environmental damage (pollution, infared and blue light as well as UVA + UVB). Again, this is an oxybenzone and paraben free formula: gentle on skin and naturally reef-safe.

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