Keeping traditions alive this socially distant Christmas

Regardless of where you are in the world – the comparatively “COVID-normal” New South Wales or a locked-down European country – Christmas 2020 is going to look a little different from years gone by.


And as we log in to family Zoom calls and sing Fairytale Of New York down the phone, there will be an undeniable urge to keep family traditions alive. 


Traditions and rituals, though varied in their format and frequency, play a role in every society. When times get hard, we look to traditions to keep us grounded, and there has arguably never been a time when a little grounding has been more essential.


Filling sofas with guests and packing into an over-crowded pub isn’t looking like a likely tradition option this Christmas, but we’ve come up with a couple of traditions that can be kept alive, despite the distance.


Deck out your door with a Christmas wreath


To stay connected to the magic of Christmas without quite so many events, deck your door out with a festive wreath, so every time you leave the house or return home you feel a little glimpse of Christmas cheer. Making your own wreath can become a tradition in itself, or if you’re feeling indulgent, invest in a native botanical wreath from Sydney based florist Aleksandra.


Make decorating an event itself


Transforming your home into Santa’s Grotto isn’t for everyone, but adding some form of festive decoration to your space can help make the Christmas season feel a little extra special. Turn up the Christmas playlist, open a box of chocolates, and set aside an evening to create eco-friendly decorations –  recycled paper chains, driftwood candle holders, fabric offcut baubles – and reform your space. 


Make an interactive advent calendar


This December, swap the shop-bought advent calendar for a fabric option and fill the pockets with clues instead of sweets. Each day in the lead up to Christmas, one clue can be taken from the calendar and used to lead the lucky reader to that day’s advent treat.


Bake a lucky plum pudding


The options for Christmas-themed baking are endless, but the tradition of hiding a lucky coin in your plum pudding is a fun one to keep alive, so long as everyone’s warned to mind their bite.


Send a thank you card to Santa

We’re all aware of the importance of showing gratitude, and establishing the practice early on in life is an easy hack to a life-long grateful mindset. Once your little ones have enjoyed the treats stored in their stocking, sit down with them and help them write a card saying thank you to the hard-working mystery man that is Mr Clause. The practice of sending a thank you card to the north pole will keep the magic alive beyond the big day, and if you’re looking for eco-friendly cards for Santa and the other gift-givers in your life, turn to Seed & Ink for handmade, biodegradable cards embedded with seeds.

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