Self care at Christmas, organic wine bundles and a planet-saving seaweed…

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Reading about

How to care for ourselves this Christmas season

We published this extract from Dr Rebecca Ray’s book a few weeks ago, and with restrictions easing and silly season stepping up its game, we’re revisiting it to remind ourselves that self preservation starts with knowing your boundaries.


Listening to

Hidden Brain

Another masterfully produced podcast from NPR, this one exploring those patterns we sort-of know exist, but haven’t understood (or even completely acknowledged the existence of) until the science behind them has been explained.




We’re blown away by the creative solution this sea farm is offering, and hopeful for what it might mean for the future. Sea Forest Australia is the world’s first commercial supplier of Asparagopsis: a species of seaweed which, as well as being a sustainable crop, drastically reduces methane emissions produced by ruminant livestock when added to their diet.



Tamburlaine Organic Wines

This organic vineyard is offering up to 50% off its Wine Lovers range this Christmas season, and their Case For A Cause fundraiser is still running – with $50 from every case purchased donated to one of four Aussie charities.


Decorating with 

Tint Paint

Eco-friendly, vegan, Australian made paint and decorating equipment that’s beautiful enough to inspire the aspiring interior designer in all of us.

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