Five tips for sustainable travel from Lauren Williams, Will & Bear

Will & Bear’s Instagram account alone is enough to make you pack your toothbrush and hit the road on an adventure, so we quizzed the woman behind the brand on how her and her partner Alex (co-founder of Will & Bear) travel sustainably.

  1. Plan your meals

    Because eating well is so important to us, Alex and I always make sure we know where the good organic or fresh produce stores are along the way. Our main goal when it comes to food on the go is to avoid eating servo food at all costs – this involves a little prep and a little research, but planning a thoughtful, delicious, nutritious meal is always worth it.

  2. BYO lunch boxes and containers

    Take-away anything, no matter how healthy it is, so often involves its own packaging, and even the recyclable options take their toll on the environment. Turning up with your own containers limits the amount of packaging that finds its way to landfill, so make sure you’ve got a stock with you when you’re on the road.

  3. Use solar where possible

    When you’re on the road, choosing to support businesses powered by solar is another step you can take to minimise the impact that your travels are having on the environment.

  4. Buy second hand

    We try live by this even when we’re not in the van, but it’s a real bonus of vanlife. We travel through so many towns and never go through without stopping at the op shop to collect second-hand goods.

  5. Always have water tank filled

    It’s important for us to avoid using water bottles (or other unnecessary plastic) wherever possible, so staying stocked up on water is essential when we’re on the road.

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