My morning routine: Lauren Williams, Will & Bear

Lauren Williams is the co-founder of Will & Bear – the sustainable hat brand inspired by and designed for adventurous exploration. As part of our conscious curator series, we’ve been tapping in to Lauren’s insights on everything from food to work, so it felt necessary for us to learn about the rituals she has in place for starting her adventure-filled days.


Ritual 1:

I’ll start the day with Yoga practice or some other form of exercise. When you’re travelling, you can’t be too strict on this, but through lockdown I developed much more of a routine.


Ritual 2:

I’ll then take some time out to do some mindful reading. Reading is a really important part of my approach to self care: I read for 30 minutes before I go to sleep every night, but in the morning it’s more of a meditative practice.


Ritual 3:

Rainbow breakfast – I have a plate of eggs and rainbow raw veggies and fruit every morning to start the day.

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