An app that helps you meditate, Covid’s impact on ethical fashion and artisan linen beach towels…

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Reading about

How the pandemic may have helped move fashion in a sustainable direction

This article from The Guardian sheds light on something we’ve been wondering about and hoping for since the beginning of the pandemic: a silver lining. This particular one relates to the fashion industry, and explores how trends this year seem to be pointing fashion in a more sustainable direction.


Listening to


A new podcast which brings together two adult siblings to discuss how their childhoods formed who they are, and examines how their relationships have changed over time.


Slowing down with

Insight Timer

This free app is home to over 70,000 guided meditations, with playlists and categories for every situation and state of being.


Going to the beach with

Candor linen beach towels from Ezkal

So much more than a towel, these 2m x 1.40m masterpieces are handwoven from natural fibres by artisan craftspeople, and packaged in cotton, plastic-free packaging. The artisan production methods and transparent supply chain all reflect Ezkal’s commitment to protecting our planet and bringing quality, handmade Latin American products to Australian shores.

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