A Byron motel, vegan wine and the normality conundrum…

A weekly round-up of what’s keeping us informed and entertained – recommended with love by the TCS team. This week we’re…


Reading about

The normality conundrum

Another insightful, poetically crafted article from Dumbo Feather; this one examining the concept of normality, and its place in a post-2020 world.


Listening to

You’re wrong about

Correcting the narrative on the events and individuals that have shaped modern history and popular culture.


Daydreaming about

The Sunseeker Byron Bay

The joint passion project of some of Australia’s most inspiring creatives, The Sunseeker has set a new gold standard for tastefully curated sustainable spaces. The hotel only formally opened this week, but the partnerships and ethos behind the space nod to a very eco-conscious, very exciting future.



Round Theory Wines

A (very aesthetically-astute) New Zealand wine brand built on sustainability. Carbon-neutral, vegan friendly wine, packaged in beautifully branded, easily recyclable lightweight bottles.

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