My morning routine: Alison Rice, Get Offline

Alison Rice is a conscious career and business coach, and the host of Offline podcast. Alison’s podcast features honest, open conversations about identity, inspiration and the social media facade. Through her platform and in person, Alison offers career and business advice to people seeking to achieve authentic success in line with their values and world-view. 

Aware of the amazing impact that Alison has had on her clients and audience, we reached out to learn a little about how she starts her days.


Ritual 1:

I open and close each day with a 20 minute meditation. I practice Vedic Meditation which is a silent, mantra-based technique. This ritual has totally changed the way I’m in the world, how I show up in my relationships and the quality of my creativity.


Ritual 2: 

Take in knowledge. I read, watch or listen to knowledge every single day — even if it’s just for 15 minutes. I’m currently (slowly!) studying the ancient texts, the Vedas.


Ritual 3:

Sipping on hot water and dandelion tea throughout the day. I replaced coffee with dandelion tea a couple of years ago and it’s done magical things for my nervous system and my anxiety. It tastes really similar, minus the caffeine. I also sip hot water instead of cold water which is a traditional Ayurvedic practice. An Ayurvedic practitioner told me starting the day with a mug of hot water after brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue flushes out toxins and hydrates the organs without putting them to work.


If you’re looking for conscious career or business advice, consider studying online with Alison. Visit getoffline.co/study to see her current offerings. For unguarded chats with fascinating creatives, listen to Offline, The Podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you like to listen to your favourite podcasts. You can also stay up to date with Alison’s work by following her on Instagram @alisonlarsenrice and @getoffline.co

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