Top 5 alcohol-free drinks for a fun dry January

To make dry January a little easier, we’ve put together a round-up of our five favourite non-alcoholic drinks, to keep you satisfied and socialising without the next-day regret.

Heaps Normal alcohol-free beer

Heaps Normal

The team behind this non-alcoholic beer brand (comprising a pro surfer, a designer and an experienced brewer) are on a mission to normalise sobriety. The Heaps Normal tagline is “beer without the hangover”, and the ethos is welcoming, accessible and fun. Brewed and unfiltered, Heaps Normal Quiet XPA contains the signature beer-y blend of bitter and tropical notes.
Heaps Normal stockists include Sans Drinks and DRNKS.

Seedlip Grove 42


The original, and still a winner. Seedlip’s non-alcoholic distilled spirits were a world’s first, and the stalwart in the scene keeps delivering. Their latest product is a citrus spirit, distilled from a blend of orange, mandarin, ginger, lemongrass and peppercorn. Seedlip can be purchased at most major retailers, as well as through Sans Drinks.

Punchy Drinks

Punchy Drinks

Playful concoctions of natural ingredients, packaged in beautifully branded plastic-free packaging. Punchy Drinks were created as a celebration of life, and their mission is to champion adventurous, sustainable living. Each Punchy flavour (named after the magical moments which inspired their creation) is available as an alcoholic or non-alcoholic option, so drinkers and non-drinkers alike can enjoy together.
Punchy Drinks is a UK based company, and their products can be purchased through the Punchy Drinks website.

NON alcohol-free natural wine


NON drinks feature the stylish branding, warm colour palette and complex, subtle flavours of all of our favourite pét-nat’s, but without any of the alcohol content. The team behind NON create naturally flavoured, high quality drinks through a process of drying and infusing natural ingredients. There are a few no-alcoholic wines on the market, but none with NON’s dedication to the things that keep natural wine fans coming back for more. If you think dry January will leave you with fewer aesthetically pleasing bottles in your fridge, think again.
NON stockists include NOTWASTED, DRNKS and Sans Drinks.

Brunswick Aces alcohol-free gin

Brunswick Aces

The team at Sans Drinks stock a number of alcohol-free spirits, but if we had to choose one to spice up our tonic, it would be Brunswick Aces. Made in Brunswick by a team of neighbours on a mission to make sober options more exciting, Brunswick Aces Spades Sapiir disguises itself as gin, but saves you the after-effects. Sweet citrus and Australian native botanicals balanced against savoury cardamon: everything your cocktail requires, minus the mind altering effects.
Brunswick Aces stockists include a number of small bars and delis, as well as our friends at Sans Drinks

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