My morning routine: James Stanton-Cooke, Jimmy HalfCut

Jimmy HalfCut is a self-described “24/7, fun, disruptive, walking, talking billboard, acting as an ice breaker for people to ask: why half a beard?”. Along with his partner – fellow passionate environmentalist Jessica Clarke – Jimmy started the HalfCut movement as a conversation starter… an entry point into a discussion about our climate, and the impact that our decisions are having on the planet. The “half cut” look (which Jimmy wears as half a beard and Jessica wears as half a braid) is a visual representation of the scale of deforestation which is continuing to wreak havoc on our global environment and ecosystems. Through the 2o20 fundraising campaign, Jimmy, Jess and the HalfCut team raised $355,895 and protected 142,358 m2 of the Daintree Rainforest. We asked Jimmy about his morning routine, and were surprised to learn that it doesn’t involve shaving…


Ritual 1:

First I take our two rescue dogs for a 45 minute walk. It’s less of a ritual, more of a duty (they won’t let me rest until they’ve had their walk), but it’s a good way to kickstart the day


Ritual 2:

 I do 30 pushups, 30 squats, 30 sit-ups halfway through the walk (part of the PSS challenge we’re running to re-wild our bodies as we re-wild the earth).


Ritual 3:

I do a breathing meditation, breathing for seven seconds in, seven seconds out for one minute whilst walking with the dogs. It’s quite clear that my mornings are all based around the dogs: walking the dogs, dodging other dogs, attempting downward dog yoga moves… did I mention we love our dogs?


Jimmy co-founded HalfCut to help save our last remaining 2% of rainforest globally. Alongside global projects, the HalfCut team work predominantly in the Daintree, supporting Traditional Owners back onto country to manage their land long term. The most recent fundraising programme from HalfCut is the PSS Challenge: a fitness challenge which calls on participants to re-wild their bodies as they re-wild the earth. The PSS Challenge aims to raise enough money to plant 1 trillion trees globally, by participants committing to doing 10 push ups, 10 squats and 10 sit ups every day for 30 days. You can join the PSS Challenge at psschallenge.org, and you can learn more about the HalfCut mission at www.halfcut.org

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