My morning routine: Kirsten King, Fluidform Pilates

Kirsten King is the force behind Fluidform Pilates: the boutique Pilates studio and online fitness platform that has changed the fitness game. Since opening the first Fluidform studio in 2012, Kirsten has established a dedicated following: people whose lives have been enhanced by her functional approach to wellness coaching and lifestyle advice. Rather than high-impact, high intensity workouts and strict diets, Kirsten encourages a kind, holistic (and highly effective) approach. We spoke with Kirsten about the three rituals that help her start her days.

Ritual 1.

Breath work – I start each morning with five minutes of breathing. It’s hard to find time in the day to stop and think about my breathing, so this is a really nice way to wake up and start my day. After this I always write down three things I am grateful for.

Ritual 2.

Hydrate – With a big glass of warm water and lemon. We lose a lot of water while we sleep so I’m always thirsty when I wake up. Drinking room temperature or warm water is much more gentle on your body and adding lemon supports my digestion throughout the day, it tastes nice too!

Ritual 3.

Movement – 15 minutes in the morning is a non-negotiable for me. Depending on how my body feels I’ll follow a targeted mini workout from Fluidform at Home, or do a long stretch to wake up the body and release any tension in my muscles.

You can learn from Kirsten in person at either of her Sydney studios, or by signing up to Fluidform at Home via her website: fluidformpilates.com.au . For bitesize tips, follow Fluidform on Instagram @fluidformpilates 

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