Our office does: Peppermint Magazine

As part of our dedication to championing an ethical approach to work, we’re shining a light on the workplaces making work-life more enriching for their employees.

This week, we spoke with Kelley Sheenan: Editor-in-Chief of the ever insightful and perfectly produced Peppermint Magazine. The team at Peppermint are dedicated to facilitating a more fulfilling existence for their readers: they achieve this by shining a light on the inspiring stories and sharing advice and insights on topics ranging from sustainability to style, from stargazing to self-love. But Peppermint Magazine is about more than just the written word: it’s an across-the-board creative hub, and we wanted to learn how the Peppermint ethos is cultivated within the office.


“Peppermint is all about telling the stories of people doing good in the world, but for me, that starts at home – or in this case, in the office. My team is like a family and I always want to make sure that everyone feels like they belong and that their opinions and ideas are respected – because there’s no point trying to change the world if we don’t live our values from the ground up. Our office space is small but lovely; filled with plants, flowers and lots of laughter.”


To read the work that Kelley and her very talented team produce, visit peppermintmag.com , and you can follow Peppermint on Instagram @peppermintmagazine

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