Aminata Conteh-Biger’s inspiring story, a new way to listen and luxurious re-fillable personal care products

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Aminata Contah-Biger’s inspiring story

Author, speaker and activist Aminata Conteh-Biger has achieved incredible things, and her achievements are made even more staggering when considered in light of her background. Once a refugee fleeing conflict in Sierra Leone, Aminata has gone on to become CEO of the Aminata Maternal Foundation: Anna Saunders tells the story of how she got there with remarkable empathy and insight.


Listening to


We are finding our way around this platform, and making some excellent connections! Learning a lot too ( The JT Foxx controversy for one!)  Hopefully we will see some of you there.




The Aussie-owned soap brand promoting a sustainable approach, and doing it with a signature tongue-in-cheek tone. 


Sleeping on


A TCS vendor since day one, we love watching Koala continue to reshape the furniture retail landscape into a more user-friendly and sustainable space. The Koala V Day Sale is giving 20% off storewide this week, so if you’re looking for a new mattress or sofa, the time is now.


Treating ourselves with

V&M Spa

We’re thrilled to announce that this deliciously indulgent skincare brand will be joining us at The Cutaway in March. Swing by the V&M stall for certified non-toxic, cruelty-free, carbon neutral, sustainably made and completely luscious personal care products: from organic lavender bath milk to handmade wash bags.

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