Pearls of Wisdom – Spirituality In The Modern Age


Sunday 14th March, 2pm – 2:50pm


Soul & Spirit Space, The Cutaway




These are momentous times and much has been written of the huge shifts and rising in human consciousness as we enter the age of Aquarius: a time long forecast as a golden age of enlightenment, which (in basic terms) is a journey from a life run by fear in various forms into a more unconditionally loving way of life.

About David Norman:

David Norman is a fifth generation pearl dealer and owner of Aquarian Pearls. David  woke up spiritually at 22 years old in 1985 .and  he founded and runs a zoom group named Pleiadian Awakenings . David  has spoken at metaphysical gatherings over the years and delights in sharing his experience on the spiritual adventure we are all undertaking one way or another. David and his life partner Soulla Chamberlain will conduct a Q and A session focussing on these issues and talk about a spiritual awakening and the spiritual journeying we all do with all its ups and downs.

About Soulla Chamberlain:

Soulla Chamberlain is the founder of wholefoods brand “Star Anise Organic Wholefoods” established in 2010 and its home and retail store“Broth Bar & Larder” in Bronte. She Is a cooking instructor specialising in real & traditional foods, a health coach, a public speaker, a wellness blogger, a lover of the sun & surf, and a mama! Soulla has been instrumental in pioneering a traditional wholefoods and holistic lifestyle movement across Australia and further afield over the past decade.


This talk will be free to attend, but free tickets to The Conscious Space are limited, so secure your spot by registering here.

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