Being An Emotionally Intelligent Leader with Carrie Benedet

Being an Emotionally Intelligent Leader – ‘The Grit’ – with Carrie Benedet


Sunday 14th March, 2:30pm – 3:20pm


Workshop Space, The Cutaway




We always have a choice about how we respond in any given moments, in any given day, in any given crisis.  It’s an opportunity to grow or recede.

More than ever we need each other and leaders, teams and organisations that boldly encourage a culture of giving in their leadership approach will be able to weather storms as well as be successful.

Strong human relationships and connections are the ‘invisible Superglue’.  A high degree of emotional intelligence can give you the edge – exercising your emotional and social skills to reach out and connect!

Join me (Carrie Benedet) for ‘hands on invisible superglue’ of emotional intelligence and it’s research based impact. The more we care about other people and are in service to others, rather than service to ourself, the more likely it is that we will want this heart driven impulse to inform our daily behaviour.


This talk will be free to attend, but free tickets to The Conscious Space are limited, so secure your spot by registering here.

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