Light Language Sound Healing with Bianca and Ivy


Sunday 14th March, 12pm – 12:50pm


Soul & Spirit Space, The Cutaway


$35.90 (inclusive of a set of Light Language Oracle Cards)


Experience of frequencies of love and light, with guidance from the Shamanic Drum. Bianca calls in Wisdom from the Andes, to bring Protection & Presence to your energetic body field. Ivy gifts her voice activated Light language to attune the vibrations and together they offer other instruments of sound healing to bring love to the heart.


About Bianca Batalha:

Bianca has been called to a purpose to help awaken & guide the collective to clearly know their innate truth. Through the sharing of Wisdom from our past & future ancestors, shamanic ceremony & energy work and intuitive card readings, our energetic truth is revealed.  ~ “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” ~ prophecy 

About Ivy Rivett:

Extra sensory gifts allow Ivy to channel and feel the vibrations and frequencies unseen to the naked eye. It is translated through the form of art, sound and movement. A language that Ivy refers to as Love Language. A language that only the heart and soul can understand.


Tickets to this workshop are strictly limited, so secure your spot by booking your ticket here

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