The Power Of Self Compassion with Terri Bertakis, Future Present Wellness

The power of self compassion – a journey into motherhood


Sunday 14th March, 11am – 11:50am


Soul & Spirit Space, The Cutaway




As a recent mother, Terri shares her calm birth story which evokes challenges along the way, then leads to an empowered birth. However the real challenge in the journey began afterbirth, in the early months navigating motherhood.

She shares the high and lows of motherhood and how mindfulness, compassion and humour came to the rescue.

About Terri:

Terri Bertakis is co-founder behind Future Present Wellness: a Sydney-based wellness platform offering classes in meditation, mindfulness and yoga – online and in-person (social distancing rules permitting).

Terri’s personal yoga journey began in 2012, and after discovering the life-enhancing benefits of the practice for herself, Terri began to teach in 2017. Terri’s classes focus on harnessing yoga for personal growth: encouraging her students to embrace self-love and a mindful approach to movement.


This talk will be free to attend, but free tickets to The Conscious Space are limited, so secure your spot by registering here.

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