My morning routine: Kate Pascoe Squires, The Slowdown Press

Kate Pascoe Squires is a creative business consultant and the founder of The Slowdown Press: an online journal which celebrates and promotes slow, intentional living. Taking a holistic approach to managing her personal health issues, Kate is about to undertake her pilates teacher training, and is conscious to leave time in her daily routine for joy and adventure.


Ritual 1:

 Vedic meditation – I learnt my meditation practice via Jacqui Lewis at The Broad Place many years ago now. The actual meditation as well as the mindset that surrounds it has completely changed my life. Sometimes things get in the way – kids, work, the odd hangover – however, my days are infinitely better when I carve out time to meditate

Ritual 2: 

Pilates – Although I have done pilates since I was pregnant with my son (who is now 11), I have really only committed to it seriously since BodyLove Pilates opened in 2019. I have chronic health issues which often manifest themselves in pain and fatigue. Pilates has really given my body a new lease on life. I feel stronger and more confident in its ability. Movement is everything. Without it, I really suffer.

Ritual 3:

Chai please. I wish I could drink coffee, but it gives me the heebie jeebies. I switched to chai about eight years ago and, although I am not hooked on it, it really is such a beautiful part of my morning. I go to The Cook & Baker in Bondi Junction after the kids have been dropped to their various schools and just take a breath, get ready for the day ahead and enjoy the moment. And the mini caffeine kick.


To work with Kate through her creative business consultancy, you can contact her on hey@katepascoesquires.com and you can read her work at theslowdown.press

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