Connection: Trusting and loving YOU with Casey Brown, The Yellow Door Project


Saturday 13th March, 3pm-4pm


Soul & Spirit Space



About the class:

In this workshop we take space in our lives to understand the current relationship we hold with ourselves. We pay attention to what our internal dialogue sounds like, and how it is impacting all areas of our lives. We look to nature, music, movement, play, communication and art for the tools we need to connect with a more loving, trusting relationship to self!

About Casey:

Casey is an Illustrative Artist, Empowerment Coach & Reiki Therapist. Casey has spent the last 5 years exploring alternative healing & mindfulness methods. She has spent time travelling the world, understanding various cultural healing techniques and continues to explore her own inner-world, using the art of meditation, music, art, play, nature, communication and movement to allow for a deeper relationship with self.

Casey developed The Yellow Door Project to assist others in their own personal healing journeys – leading people from their heads to their hearts.


This talk will be free to attend, but free tickets to The Conscious Space are limited, so secure your spot by registering here.

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