Sacred Meditation with Sarah Baiada


Saturday 13th March, 1pm – 1:50pm


Soul & Spirit Space, The Cutaway


In this immersive workshop you will learn about Vibrational Medicines, our connection with nature and Earth’s apothecary of healing medicines we all have a right to freely access. Sarah will guide you through an interactive meditation with Vibrational Medicines and teach you how to connect with grace and flow. These techniques activate our own unique connection with nature, our body, mind, soul and self healing capacity.


This workshop is perfect for you if you are curious about going deeper with your meditation. If you’re interested in natural medicine and vibrational medicine or feeling disconnected, isolated or in a cycle of stress responses. It will be an hour to relax the mind, deeply connect with your body, and feel the abundant support of nature.


About Sarah:

Sarah Baiada is the creator of Rosa Temple and Universal Energetics, teaching programs for practitioners and healers. She has over 18 years’ in natural therapies, healing modalities, and leading her signature style of meditations, designed to help you let go of the mind and experience deep relaxation, and full body activations. Working with essential oils and vibrational medicines in this workshop will strengthen your relationship and comprehension of these powerful support systems we have on this Earth.


Spaces at this guided meditation are strictly limited. Secure your space by booking here.

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