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Ticker Green

On March 13th, we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming the very funny, very engaging, very informed Josh Howard to the main stage at The Conscious Space, where he talked all things ethical business with leaders in the field (including Alastair McGibbon – senior impact investor from Bank Australia). If you (like us) can’t get enough of Josh’s interview technique, you can catch him on Ticker Green, where he interviews the inspiring people changing industries for the better.



For outdoor-attire inspiration and images of adventures. Zorali is an outdoor clothing brand doing everything right, making high quality clothing from organic and recycled fibres, and planting ten trees for every product sold. Follow for spectacular views, and photos of beautiful people in sustainably made adventure-wear. Then, once you’re suitably inspired, kit yourself out in Zorali and take a trip.

Listening to

Shape The System with Jimmy Halfcut

We may have been recommending Shape The System for a few weeks now, but not without good reason. This fortnight’s episode was recorded live at The Conscious Space, and features a conversation with environmental activist and campaigner Jimmy Halfcut about biodiversity and the importance of collective action. If you want to learn the meaning of the term “tree shyness”, and discover how eating half a tub of Ben and Jerry’s every day can help save the planet, this episode is the one for you.


A seasonal box from The Periodical

Founded by a woman on a mission to make periods more pleasant, The Periodical is a life-changing subscription service, delivering monthly care packages “for people who period”. We love the 100% organic approach, and the addition of vegan chocolate and herbal tea is the (very necessary) cherry on top. But The Periodical doesn’t stop at helping Aussie women: for every box bought, The Periodical founder Bethany Killicoat donates to an organisation in Northern Uganda which empowers women through education.

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