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Why now is the time for reinvention

Work-life integration is one of the topics that the team at Thrive Global have got down pat, and this article is the perfect reflection of their informed, open-minded perspective. Thrive Global contributor Jen Fisher



Co-founded by Daisy Kendrick, author of The Climate Is Changing, Why Aren’t We, Ocean Generation is a global movement dedicated to forming a healthy and sustainable relationship between the ocean and humanity. Their Instagram account is a font of ocean facts and information on how human behaviour is impacting our global ecosystems (and steps we can take to enact positive change).


House Of Lacuna

House Of Lacuna was one of the first fashion brands we connected with on our mission to elevate conscious brands, and this NSW born label continues to go above and beyond when it comes to ethics. Founded by Central Coast based designer Naomi Swalwell, House Of Lacuna makes ultra feminine dresses from sustainably sourced fabrics, working with small production houses in Indonesia that put fair working conditions front and centre. High quality, timeless designs and the use of closed-loop production techniques make House Of Lacuna dresses low-impact and long-lasting, and their recently launched children’s range makes them accessible to all ages.

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The Good Company

The TCS ethos is about making sustainable living accessible and easy, and The Good Company (alongside our other amazing vendors) is doing just that. Founded by a 24 year old on a mission, The Good Company makes eco-friendly, waste-free oral health products from sustainably sourced, all natural ingredients.

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