My morning routine: Luke McLeod, Soul Alive Meditation

Through his accessible approach to teaching and his ability to spark insightful, enlightening conversations about a modern approach to mindfulness, Luke McLeod has quickly become one of Australia’s most renowned thought leaders in the progressive mindfulness and meditation space. Through his popular podcast (Show Me Your Soul) and his live-streaming meditation platform Soul Alive (Australia’s first dedicated live-streaming meditation platform), Luke has built an engaged community of over 45,000 people across different social and media channels. His guided meditations have been downloaded over 100,000 times from people all around the world. As well as running live meditations (such as the one pictured above, which took place at The Conscious Space Sydney event), Luke has worked closely with the likes of AMEX, IAG and Lululemon – which reflects his ability to harness mindfulness practices in the context of a fast-paced, modern life.


Ritual 1: Hydrate

The first thing I do when I wake up is pop 2 hydralytes into a very large glass of water and sip that while I do the next two rituals. Your body has just spent the last 7-8hrs with no incoming nutrition and hydration and then, for a lot of us, the first thing we consume when we wake up is coffee, which is a dehydrator. So even though we might get a kick from the caffeine, we are dehydrating ourselves even further. The body is made up of 70% water so it just makes sense that we replenishing its levels after sleep.
Don’t get me wrong by the way too, I love my coffee! I just have it now a little later in the morning.

Ritual 2: Stretch and breathe

Time to wake up the body and immune system. I usually do a series of yin yoga stretches, aligning and deepening each position with some deep breathing. I also pay particular attention to strengthening and activating my core. A strong core in the morning will set you up for better posture throughout the day

Ritual 3: Meditation & reading

The last ritual is 15 minutes or so of meditation. Where I simply close my eyes and open up all my senses to consume and connect with the new day. The meditation finishes with thinking about what I’m grateful for and setting of an intention for the day ahead. Just one quality I’d like to uphold throughout the day e.g. focus, enthusiasm, kindness etc. If I have enough time I also love to read a chapter or so of a good book. It’s just such I nice ‘input’ into the mind before you’re bombarded with to-do’s, news and ad’s.

The image above was taken (by the wonderful Samee Lapham) at the Soul & Spirit Space at The Conscious Space Sydney event in March 2021, where Luke hosted a (sold-out) guided meditation. Keep an eye on The Conscious Space event page for upcoming workshops and meditations, and you can follow Luke’s work and teachings at @luke.mcleod @soulalive.meditation on Instagram.

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