Artists for the planet, ethical chocolate treats and kick-ass natural lipstick

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The artists fighting for climate justice

The catastrophic weather events of the past few weeks have re-ignited climate anxiety for many, and in the face of the force of nature, it can be easy to feel powerless. We put together an article outlining a few tangible steps we can take to have a positive impact on our climate, and were super inspired to read about the artists taking more creative approaches. If you (like us) aren’t quite capable of creating visual art of this calibre, read our simple steps to help the climate, but we’d recommend checking out these artist’s work regardless.


Listening to

The Life Unhurried

Conversations with the people who have stepped away from the rat race for a slower, simpler (but arguably more nourishing) life. The Life Unhurried is a platform dedicated to making slow, sustainable travel more accessible, and their podcast is a perfect reflection of their ethos.



Luk Beautifood

Finding toxin-free skincare is easy enough, but it’s often the more cosmetic products which are loaded with the kinds of chemicals that we’re keen to avoid. With their 100% natural, toxin-free, cruelty-free, Australian made lipsticks and balms, Luk Beautifood is starting to solve that problem. The Sydney born brand makes nourishing, high quality products that are good for our bodies (made from all natural, edible ingredients) and our planet (pesticide free and packaged in recyclable packaging). The fact that the products are long-lasting, deeply moisturising and aesthetically pleasing is a very welcome bonus.



Hey Tiger

What are we eating this week? Chocolate, obviously. But the handmade gourmet delights from Hey Tiger are so much more than that. This social impact organisation goes above and beyond, making impossibly delicious chocolate from ethically sourced ingredients. While they’re range isn’t 100% vegan (as a social enterprise they rely on the profits from their milk chocolate to fund their incredible charitable initiatives), Hey Tiger happen to make vegan options good enough to convert even the most hard-line dairy fan. The playfully conceived range of Easter treats from Hey Tiger was created in partnership with artist Kitiya Palaskas, and came in boxes which can be upcycled to make fun, colourful crafts. A portion of the profit from every Hey Tiger treat sold is donated to The Hunger Project, so this is genuinely chocolate you can feel good about.

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