Everyday Beauty – Six Sustainable Swaps For An Eco-Friendly Self-Care Routine

If you’re looking for easy swaps for a more sustainable self care routine, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a round-up of our six favourite products from the eco-friendly Australian beauty brands making self-care a little more sustainable.


Plastic-free oral care from The Good Company

Possibly the only self care practice we’re guaranteed to engage in every day, taking care of your teeth is a non-negotiable… stop number one on the personal care express. So if it’s possible for us to make this daily ritual more sustainable, we think we ought to. The Good Company makes plastic free tooth tabs which (unlike regular toothpaste) are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives. The reusable glass tub they arrive in also makes a beautiful addition to a bathroom cabinet, so The Good Company makes for good-looking smiles and good looking spaces.

SOS skincare marmalade from Ere Perez

If your self care routine includes some kind of skincare indulgence, we’d recommend this miracle product from Ere Perez. As with all of their skincare products and cosmetics, this SOS papaya marmalade is cruelty free, vegan, non GMO and carefully infused with powerful Australian botanicals. The deeply nourishing concoction of hemp, coconut, chia, grapefruit oil and fermented papaya helps facilitate the absorption of antioxidants into the skin, and can be used to give a little TLC (read – serious moisture and care) to any area of skin which is feeling less than stellar. The combination of anti-inflammatory Calendula and cell-regulating magnesium helps repair skin damage and dryness, and as well as a general beautifier, this miracle balm works wonders on scars, bites, dryness and abrasions.

Reusable make-up wipes from Ekooroo

Wearing natural make-up is a very good place to start for the health of the planet and yourself, but bonus points if you can avoid creating unnecessary waste when removing it. Among their range of sustainably made reusable personal care products, Ekoroo make durable, soft make-up removal pads from naturally antibacterial bamboo fibres. Save on landfill and treat your skin – wins all round.

Hand-crafted bath soaks from Daylesford Apothecary

A long, warm bath is a self-care stalwart, and Daylesford Apothecary are helping make that ritual as sustainable (and indulgent) as can be with their range of handcrafted bath soaks. Each blend is designed with a specific outcome in mind – with naturopathic wisdom informing the combinations of Australian botanicals, detoxifying salts and essential oils to help with everything from pregnancy pains to insomnia.

Award winning conditioner from V&M Spa

Finding natural haircare that performs as well as it’s more chemical-heavy competitors can be a challenge, which is why V&M Spa’s treatment conditioner has been such a hit. Winner of the 2020 Organic Beauty Awards, this powerful formula is enriched with silk, Native Australian Kakadu Plum and Native Australian Lilly Pilly, and is especially effective treatment for those of us with coloured hair looking to keep it protected without damaging the planet in the process. The lightweight formula is certified non-toxic and made in Australia from over 90% naturally derived and organic ingredients. As an added bonus, V&M haircare products are available in low-waste refill packs, so you can reuse your (beautifully designed, wooden-topped bottle) and limit the waste that your personal care is producing.

Australian made essential oil from Rosa Temple

A self care routine wouldn’t be complete without essential oils, and the Rosa Temple blends are designed with that in mind. Each carefully curated blend is handmade in Australia, and is designed drawing on founder Sarah Baiada’s insight into natural and vibrational medicine.


Other heroes helping us live with a lighter impact on the earth include Zilch Store (a Sydney based start up making eco-friendly, plastic-free personal care, kitchen and bathroom bundles) and The Periodical (a charitable organic tampon subscription service helping make our time of the month less environmentally damaging).

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