My morning routine: Katia Santilli, Nimble Activewear

Katia Santilli is the co-founder of  Nimble Activewear, the Bondi born activewear brand which beautifully combines function and form through stylish, super comfy activewear made from recycled plastic bottles.

We spoke with Katia about the three rituals she incorporates into her mornings.


Ritual 1:

I start the day by making my daughter’s breakfast (usually involving avocado) which my partner will feed her once I’ve left for the day.

Ritual 2:

Once my daughter’s breakfast is prepped, I’ll wash my face using (Aeosp gentle facial cleansing milk) and do a quick morning skincare routine

Ritual 3:

I’ll spend 15-20 minutes playing and connecting with my daughter before I head out the door to the office or to a studio for a class.


As this month’s Conscious Curator, Katia will be inspiring the content this month on The Conscious Space, and we’ll be publishing a series of articles inspired by the Nimble ethos: move more, tread lightly. To learn more about Nimble’s sustainability initiatives, visit their website nimbleactivewear.com and follow them on Instagram @nimbleactivewear

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