My morning routine: Vera Yan, Nimble Activewear

Vera Yan is the co-founder of sustainable activewear brand Nimble Activewear, and an inspiration when it comes to combining wellness with business brilliance. We asked Vera to share the three rituals she incorporates into her mornings.


Ritual 1:

The first thing I do when I wake up is pop the kettle on so I can start the day with a mug of hot water to wake up the digestive system

Ritual 2:

Then I’ll spend some precious time with my newborn son – I am loving taking him out of his bassinet and watching him wriggle around on top of our doona.

Ritual 3:

My third morning ritual is making the bed. It’s such a simple act but I find that this is key for me to feel like I’ve started the day on the right footing


You can read Vera and her co-founder (and best friend) Katia’s tips for a healthy work week here, and browse Nimble’s range of sustainable activewear at nimbleactivewear.com

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