The timeless principles of New Age thought, a podcast about transitions and pet food designed for the planet

A weekly round-up of what’s keeping us informed and entertained – recommended with love by the TCS team. This week we’re…


Listening to

Saturn Returns With Caggie

A podcast which examines the transitional times in our lives that form the people we become, through long-form, spiritually-inspired conversations.




We’ve taken a deep dive into the Nimble Activewear archives as part of this month’s Conscious Curator series, and the sustainable activewear brand’s Instagram is a treasure trove of sports style shots and sustainability insights.


Reading about

The timeless principles of New Age thought

An extract from Amal Awali’s book “In My Past Life I Was Cleopatra”, this incisively written account explores the ancient practices and approaches which we see reflected in new age teachings.


Keeping our canine’s fed with

Scratch Pet Food

High quality, highly nutritious Aussie pet food, ethically made with sustainably sourced ingredients and sent straight to your door in a boldly designed recycled box. The team at Scratch make pet food specifically designed to cater for your animal baby’s nutritional needs, and their sourcing methods are completely transparent, so you can make sure your pet isn’t being fed at the planet’s expense.

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